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PuckLuck Primer 10/26/22

We went two-for Tuesday, after repeating our crazy success from Monday. Stringing runs like this together is what it's all about - identifying advantages, playing the odds, and swinging luck in our favor!

Please consider subscribing so I don't have to find a second job. We're doing too well and I can't keep doing this without support. Clearly, it will pay off. Maybe not quite like this every night, but it will pay off.

A much smaller slate tonight, but let's take a look at today's edges:

Projected Starter

Sportbook Odds

Implied Win Probability

PuckLuck Odds

PuckLuck Win Probability

Initial Edge

Jaroslav Halak





Ilya Sorokin






Jack Campbell





Jordan Binnington





Brian Elliott





John Gibson





With not a lot of projected edge shown, we're really keeping an eye on the starting goalies and any betting line movement today to try to exploit something. The one we see right now is the Islanders with a slight advantage on their line based almost exclusively off Sorokin starting against Halak and the Rangers on the second game of a back-to-back. Consider: NYI moneyline

If you navigate to our game projections page, you'll see the projected game scores today. Currently, the Oilers/Blues total goals is leaning heavy on over 6.5 based on sportsbook lines, but we like to fade the public here and go under, as the Blues have been strong defensively so far this season. Play: EDM/STL under 6.5

On small slates like this without a lot of edge, it's important to not try to force something. If you get antsy, try our new line matchups tool later in the day to try to exploit the daily fantasy market. Other than that, let's gear up for tomorrow's big slate and keep this hot streak going!

It's important to note that sportsbook odds and our projections will be very fluid as the day rolls on. There will be morning advantages, but there are also times where it will be advantageous to wait until later in the day for more information to wager.

We'll keep you covered on the site throughout the day as this information flows in.

Happy betting!


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