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PuckLuck Primer 10/30/23: Units vs. Suggested betting Percentages

If you scroll your way through sports betting "touts" on social media, you'll see the word "units" tossed around left and right. In the sports betting world, a "unit" is your default bet amount, whether that be $10, $100, or $1,000.

The problem that I have with the term is that it's used very loosely by not-so-legit influencers on social media. I see a lot of half-unit, 3-unit, even 5-unit bets being thrown around by people who don't even realize the implications of what they're telling you.

Also, there's never an adjustment suggested on your unit size based on your betting bankroll, so it's very plausible you could be betting more than you can afford to lose. I like to preach safer betting, since that's the best way to churn a consistent profit. That's where suggested betting percentages come in.

On all of our PuckLuck Picks we have suggested betting percentages based on the strength of the bet, likelihood of the bet cashing, and the potential payout of the bet. These percentages denote a percentage of your betting bankroll to wager. So if you have $200 to gamble with in your account and the suggested bet is 5%, then your wager amount is $10.

This allows you to shift with your allotted funds and not bite off more than you can chew. It also allows you to raise your wager amount when you're thriving, and maximize your profits.

So how do these percentages translate to units?

This is a question I get a lot. You'll notice we post PuckLuck Pick updates on X (formerly Twitter) and refer to units. We assume three percentage points is a unit, as 3% of your betting bankroll is considered somewhat of a standard unit price in the sports betting world.

So 5% is a little over one and a half units, which is still aggressive but also measured. And the process is simple - the bigger the edge (after adjusted for lineup confidence), the bigger the bet. That, my friends, is how we profit.

And with that, let's transition into today's edges on a fun 9-game Monday slate:

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