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PuckLuck Primer 10/7/22

Good morning hockey fans, sports bettors, and fantasy hockey enthusiasts! Breathe in that fresh air from across the pond, because IT'S HOCKEY TIME!

The NHL season kicks off today, and this season we'll be bringing you a daily weekday article to get you set for the day's slate of games.

We've made some big changes this season. Most notably, our new subscription plans will launch Monday to give you access to PuckLuck Picks and all the brand new features of the site. This article too will be part of the subscription package, so be sure to sign up Monday.

Until then, let's focus on today's game. We have the San Jose Sharks taking on the Nashville Predators over in Prague, Czechia. Here's the initial breakdown:

Projected Starter

Sportbook Odds

Implied Win Probability

PuckLuck Odds

PuckLuck Win Probability

Initial Edge

James Reimer






Juuse Saros





As of this morning, the Predators were bet up a bit from the opening lines, giving the slight betting edge to the underdogs. We have the Predators at nearly a 60% chance of winning today though, so a Sharks moneyline bet is a risky one.

It's important to note that throughout the season the sportsbook odds and our projections will be very fluid as the day rolls on. There will be morning advantages, but there are also times where it will be advantageous to wait until later in the day for more information to wager.

We'll keep you covered on the site throughout the day as this information flows in. Until then, let's have a healthy and bountiful season!

Happy betting!

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