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PuckLuck Primer 11/1/23: New Month, new Steps

Improving each and every day is somewhat of a buzz-phrase amongst NHL teams and players, but that's something we're always trying to do here at PuckLuck as well. Before we get to the betting edges on today's four-game NHL slate, I just wanted to discuss quickly some of the next steps we're taking to improve the site.

The model data works. We know this, and it's been proven time and time again. The best way I can improve that area of the site for you is by improving how quickly we update the site data, and finding new ways to incorporate it into helpful and fun tools.

I've reached an agreement with an outside party to assist me in doing so, and I'm excited for some of the places we'll be able to take things. For one, we'll have live automatic updates. The site will "turn over" to the next day overnight, and automatically recalculate all win probabilities, projected goals, PuckLuck Picks, fantasy projections and more immediately based on lineup and roster news and updates.

We'll also be able to add some more daily fantasy and betting tools such as an optimizer, simulator, and sportsbook odds comparison module. We'll also be able to do some unique team and player cards, charts, and other visuals. The possibilities will be endless.

The goal is to eliminate the need to incorporate any other site into your daily process. Since we'll be able to do so more dynamically in the coming weeks, I'm open to hearing your suggestions on things to add or improve to help you in doing so. Please comment on this post or shoot me an email ( if you have any suggestions.

And with that, let's refocus on today. Four games - a lot to watch. Let's get into the day's edges:

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