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PuckLuck Primer 11/21/22

The PuckLuck Primer returns after a little bit of a hiatus at the end of last week due to my health, an odd NHL schedule, and , of course, thundersnow! We're a little off the normal routine this week due to American Thanksgiving, with Monday, Wednesday, Friday as the big nights on the NHL calendar as opposed to the normal Tuesday and Thursday.

This is welcome news to this morning's primer, as we have 10 games to find some good edges today. In case you're not familiar, our method is to find the games where we have the biggest edges on the moneyline, puckline, and goal totals, and bet them appropriately using an optimal betting strategy. This optimal strategy is based off our odds, the sportsbook's odds, and our confidence in the sample of data which in our case is games played by each player in the home and away lineups.

How effective has this been? Well, we're currently up 87 units on a total risk of 474 units. That's an 18.34% return on investment, over three and a half times the industry standard of 5%!

Each weekday morning in this article we'll show you the initial edge simply based off our moneyline win probability as opposed to the sportsbook's in order to identify where our attention should be focused throughout the day. You can find our updated suggested bets based on the optimal calculations and any lineup updates at throughout the day.

Okay, let's get right into it! It's time to take a look at today's edges:

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