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PuckLuck Primer 11/25/22

I hope all of our American readers had a great Thanksgiving! Amongst the food hangover and after your leftovers-for-lunch special, we have hockey throughout the entire day!

We just received news of the Colorado Avalanche vs. the Nashville Predators game being postponed due to a water main break, but we're still left with 13 games ranging from 1pm ET today through 10:30pm ET. A glorious day of NHL action with plenty of betting lines to exploit.

As we approach the quarter mark of the season, the public is starting to figure out these teams and is catching up to some of our projections and matchups we've been hammering. Lucky for us, injury news, lineup changes, and big-name biases will continue to provide plenty of edge for us to take advantage of.

We likely won't have as many "elite" bets going forward, but consistently betting edges in volume will get us to where we need to be. My advice is to either use our suggested bet percentages on the statistically advantageous plays or come up with a consistent system to bet based on our tiers of "mild", "good", "strong", and "elite" plays.

Not everyone is a numbers person, so, as always, I'm available by email at for anyone looking for clarification on what the data is telling you.

With that said, let's get into the day's edges:

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