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PuckLuck Primer 11/28/22

We're nearly a couple months into the season now and the PuckLuck model is showing true consistency in finding the right betting edges for us. In the past, we've seen plenty of ebbs and flows but I spent the entire offseason refining and rethinking things in attempt to find more consistency.

One of the keys to success is the selection process. I'm selecting wagers not only off the initial edge that we define in here, but also factoring in the confidence level of each player in the lineup that day and the likeliness of the bet hitting. We're then able to use our version of the Kelly betting method to optimize the size of our wagers, giving us the best projected result possible.

Whether you strictly follow our betting suggestions or loosely base your day's bets on any of our picks and data, it's good to know that the tools we're providing are successful and accurate. We'll continue to be transparent with our accuracy so you can trust what the data is telling you.

Okay we have a six-game Monday slate, so let's get into today's edges:

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