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PuckLuck Primer 12/1/22

We head into December picking at 62% on the moneyline for +55 units. Those are some elite numbers to get the $100 unit bettor to profit $5,500 in the first two months of the season. If we continue at this rate, you could make a decent year's salary over nine months by simply betting $100 units. Or, if you use our suggested bet percentages and keep compounding, well, let's just say we're open for investors.

So while we've made your Christmas shopping easy, we still need to spread the word like Christmas cheer. You're part of exclusive club, but that club can't exist unless we keep acquiring subscribers. So do me a favor today and convince your buddy to hit that subscribe button. It's worth it.

As a special December deal if you convert your subscription to the Lucky Pucker yearly plan, I will give you a chance of getting it FREE. For every 10 people that sign up to be a Lucky Pucker this month I will spin a wheel to see who gets the free year.

To be transparent, the money up front will help us grow and help me stabilize things personally in the present and going forward. The Lucky Pucker plan is exclusive access for 25% less than the monthly V.I.P. plan, so there's benefit to you as well. Plus the shot at a free year. Win-win.

We have a big 11-game NHL slate today, so let's get into today's edges:

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