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PuckLuck Primer 12/12/22

The PuckLuck Primer returns after a brief hiatus. Doing this on my own every day is difficult enough, let alone when life's inconveniences get in the way. The good news is PuckLuck Picks held up strong in the last week, and I'm back, refreshed, and ready for another big week!

I understand money can get tight during the holiday season, but we are still running the December deal of converting to the Lucky Pucker plan and getting your name on one of 10 spots on the wheel. This wheel, should all 10 spots be filled, will then be spun and the winner will get the entire year free!

At the very least, the Lucky Pucker plan is the best bang-for-your-buck with complete site access for 25% less than the monthly price. Make sure you take advantage of this limited-time offer.

Okay, enough sales pitching, let's get into today's edges:

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