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2022 PuckLuck Cup

Welcome to the 2022 PuckLuck Cup, where participants will faceoff in a bracket-style tournament to see who is the most successful bettor of the NHL playoffs! Follow along each day on Twitter and, of course, here on!

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Rules and Regulations

Each participant is given one "unit" to place one "bet" on either the moneyline, puckline, or goal total for an NHL playoff game that day. These "units" and "bets" are not real, rather, just a means of tracking the competition. No parlaying of bets is allowed, but alternate moneyline, puckline, or goal total bets will be allowed to give our participants some flexibility in their betting.

A participant's bet will be made official via Twitter, where the participant shall tweet the selection mentioning's official Twitter account (@PuckLuckdotcom). To reference the betting lines at the time of selection, each participant will use DraftKings Sportsbook.

The format of this contest is a bracket-style tournament, where the participants will compete head-to-head with their matchups for that round. The first round will conclude when the first round of the NHL playoffs conclude. The second round will begin the day following the conclusion of the first round and end when the second round of the NHL playoffs conclude, and so forth.


The leaders of each matchup at the end of each round will advance to the next round, until a winner is determined. Leaders will be determined based on return on investment, which in this case will be the most "units" earned since we're using fixed units. In the event of a tie, the win percentage of bets will be the tiebreaker, and, if still tied, a game of chance will break the tie.

The winner of the competition will receive a PuckLuck care package and more importantly - bragging rights!

Where to follow along

For daily bet selections and matchups, navigate to:


For the complete updated bracket, navigate to:


For the list of participant profiles, navigate to:


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