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PuckLuck Primer 12/4/23: Building Blocks

Yes, after a couple weeks off, the PuckLuck Primer returns. I finally have some time to be able to digest some thoughts onto (virtual) paper, so I figured it's time we get back to the essential daily breakdown of the NHL betting slate.

If you're wondering what I've been up to, well, I've been taking some very big steps into improving the mechanics of the website. I discussed it briefly in my solo Spaces stream this past Saturday, but I essentially have a backend database that I work in that in the next week or so will be connected live to the website.

This not only will free up more time for me to produce content and go deeper into analysis, but also allow for some really advanced tools to help your betting process, your daily fantasy lineup building, and also just to have some fun playing around with things on the site.

The one example of a fun tool I'm developing is a "versus" tool which will allow you to plug in two lineups against each other to see who would be more likely to win one game, a playoff series, or even which lineup would be best over the course of a season. Apply this to betting, this could help you determine a team's chances in a given game with the backup goalie in net as opposed to the starter, or how much a game-time decision on a player being in or out of the lineup could affect a team.

From a fun perspective, maybe you'd like to match up your own Team USA versus Team Canada, and see who is more likely to win based on each player's current projections. It's just a very fun tool that will be made possible by this new development. Look for news on it dropping before the New Year.

By also going live in the connection, we're also allowing for much more consistent and fluid updating. No longer will you have to wait until mid-morning for the day to switch over. An overnight change of day will occur. Also, we'll be able to get lineup and goalie updates up on the site much quicker, eliminating the need to reference other sites and truly making PuckLuck your one-stop shop.

The plan is to also have live betting odds come in directly from the sportsbooks and comparing to PuckLuck's odds in real-time, making your line shopping experience simple and effective. This will set us apart from any sports betting analysis site anywhere, giving the greatest betting edges in real-time at an affordable subscription price.

Sound fun? I cannot wait to get going. We're already trending in such a positive direction and the excitement just keeps on coming. Speaking of, we have a six-game slate in the NHL today so let's get into today's edges:

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