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Intro to Best Puck Fantasy Hockey

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Underdog Fantasy gives NHL fans their NFL Best Ball equivalent

One of the biggest complaints about playing fantasy hockey is the amount of work it takes to set a lineup every day across an 82-game season. The solution? Well it's Underdog's Best Puck contests, of course. (Think NFL Best Ball fantasy contests but applied to the NHL.)

Not familiar with the Best Ball/Best Puck format? It's pretty simple. You draft a season-long fantasy team, and the team that drafts the best, wins. There are no roster moves during the season allowed, so no trades, no free agent pickups, no waivers, and no lineup adjustments.

Instead, you draft a team consisting of one (1) center, two (2) wingers, one (1) defenseman, one (1) goalie, one (1) flex, and ten (10) bench spots.

Skaters earn points for goals (6.0), assists (4.0), powerplay points (0.5), shots (1.0), blocked shots (1.0), and hits (0.5). Goalies earn points for wins (6.0), saves (0.6), and lose points for goals against (-3.0).

Each day, the highest scoring players at each position are automatically placed in the starting lineup to give you the best lineup possible out of your drafted team. This continues throughout the season as you compete to score more points than the other entrants in your contest.

In other words, all of the draft fun with none of the season-long hassle!

We will dive into the intricate details of Best Puck strategy in the coming days and weeks, but the basic drafting strategies of NFL Best Ball apply here - draft for upside, make sure you have enough positional coverage to get through the season with injuries and days off, and most importantly, DO YOUR RESEARCH!

Lucky for you, PuckLuck is the first and only fantasy advice site to have their Best Puck projections up this early into the season, so make sure you check them out at Best of all, these are FREE for everyone!

Also, stay tuned for some industry-innovative things we have in store for this season.

Let the draft season begin!

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