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NHL Best Puck Classic: Updating The Four Pillars of Drafting for Round 1 Advancement


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NHL Best Puck 2022 Data Overview - Underdog Fantasy

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Last year, I focused entirely on advancing from my ‘Draft Pod’ of 12 teams. 3 of 12 advanced or 25% of teams within each of my 150 drafts moved into the playoffs. I thought with my “edges” I could go for 35%...maybe best case scenario I could see 40% advancement. In my wildest imagination, I never thought I would eclipse the 50% of my 150 rosters moving out of their pods. Underdog changed the format from 3 to 2 of 12 teams advancing. The field also learned from my last year's success already and I’m sure it will be much more challenging to get that many dart throws at the $25,000 first prize.

Still, with the new wrinkles thrown our way, I am not going to deviate much from the strategy. We also found that many of these priors were “proven” to be correct. I add quotations to the word proven for two reasons. One, I am hesitant to say we have the sample size to truly say anything is optimal for advancing or finals construction. Two, some of the things we found do make us look correct, but if we did impact the market enough with last year's posts/rankings/etc. could we have shifted the 2022 data to make us look correct?

Both are possibilities and should be kept in mind. I’m not saying any of this is “solved”, what I will say is that we did learn some important information that should help even the best Underdog NHL Drafted gain an even larger edge or get a new to the sport drafted ready to dominate the lobbies!

Pillar #1 Value-Based Drafting Revisit

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