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PuckLuck Primer: 10/10/23

It's finally here! NHL hockey is back and I couldn't be more excited!

Last season was a huge success for us. In case you weren't following closely, the model pocket us the following return:


57.24% +56.75 units 8.65% return on investment

PuckLine (Spread)

55.22% +24.43 units 5.37% return on investment

Totals (Over/Unders)

50.57% -1.36 units -0.82% return on investment

Our goal is to smash the standard 3% to 5% a professional bettor expects to return on investment, and last season we were certainly able to do that.

Each year I aim to keep refining the model so that it can improve our earnings, and the clear focus heading into this season is nailing more over and under bets. Although our overall game score accuracy was 97%, the model simply failed to identify the proper betting edges in potential high scoring and low scoring affairs. This season, you should see a lot more suggested bets of this nature.

Each and every game day this season every subscriber will have access to this series of articles known as the PuckLuck Primer. The goal is to give you a new addition your morning routine by getting you set for all of today's action. D.J. Mitchell has come aboard the team in an official capacity, and either he or I will be administering the breakdown of what you can expect in the NHL betting space each and every morning.

Since it is the morning and this is a primer, we'll be keeping things simple and sticking to the three standard betting categories referenced above: moneyline, puckline, and game totals.

For opening day, we're cast three games that should all be interesting in their own particular way. Without further ado, let's get into it.

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