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PuckLuck Primer: 10/12/23

We continued our strong start on day two, with Vancouver absolutely demolishing an Oilers team that many have destined for the Stanley Cup. Montreal +1.5 also registered one in the win column for us, letting us profit nicely as we heat up to begin the season.

I love writing these primers because they give me a nice sense of where the numbers are leaning early and allow me to incorporate my own biases and beliefs into where I allot my money.

That's the important thing I want to stress - all projections, suggestions, and bet percentages should serve as a guide for you, not gospel. This is especially early in the season, where the model can find bigger edges as the sportsbooks try to catch up, but also where the PuckLuck model is learning and training itself on who these teams actually are.

I received lots of questions yesterday regarding the projections and the site, which is great! I love the interaction and the sense of community we're forming. I also urge everyone to take advantage of the Community Forum on the site, which was not used much last season but can be a great spot for everyone to iron out their thoughts and questions. I'm in there as well to help out with anything.

Today's Thursday slate is a solid seven games, so let's get right to it:

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