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PuckLuck Primer: 10/16/23

What a first week of the NHL season it was! It feels good to have hockey back, and to be able to go a perfect 6-0 Tuesday through Sunday on the PuckLuck Pick of the Day is truly incredible.

The Pick of the Day showcases our best edge on the sportsbook each night, not the most likely to hit. We just think it's more likely to hit in theory compared to the sportsbooks, via the model, so we can expect to profit in the long run.

Still, the odds of going 6-0 are still pretty long, and it takes some luck for a streak like this to continue. Even when the inevitable losses start coming in, our process is tailor made to overcome them and profit nicely over the course of the season.

If you're enjoying the ride, please consider joining us as a Pro, V.I.P., or Lucky Pucker subscriber so that you can see our other picks similar to the one we advertise every day. By betting in volume and diversifying your bets, you're allowing your bankroll to climb more steadily and limiting overall variance.

Each weekday we'll get you prepped for the day's NHL slate, so let's take a look at what we can expect from today:

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