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PuckLuck Primer: 10/25/23

It comes with the territory, but empty-netters did us in last night as we missed so many +1.5 pucklines with the goalie pulled in desperation. That was the big downer on what was an otherwise fun night.

I can only say it from a watch party point of view, but the ESPN Frozen Frenzy broadcast was good except for the delay in showing a lot of the goals. From a betting standpoint, we turned into phone watchers and mostly knowing what had happened well before the broadcast showed us.

I'm sure commercials and trying to show off some of the personality in the studio factored into the delay, but if we're getting Scott Hanson-esque efficiency in the future I think there's a lot of potential there. It could even be a once or twice-a-week thing in my opinion.

Speaking of the watch party, thanks to those who stopped out and enjoyed a good night of hockey and drinks with us. We're going to be doing some more fun events and trying some new things in the future, so, if you weren't able to make it, there will be plenty more to come.

One game on the slate today, but we do show some edge. Let's get to it:

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