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PuckLuck Primer 10/31/23: A Spooky Good Season

As October comes to a close, I just wanted to comment on how great the start to this NHL season has been. Thank you for spending it with us and the PuckLuck Community, as not only have we been successful in the sports betting and fantasy streets, but we've already engaged in some fun new content and live events. Betting hockey can be tough to master, so I'm glad we're here taking it to the sportsbooks.

Let's recap just how well the numbers have been for us so far this season:

PuckLuck Pick of the Day

13-8-0 [61.9%]

+3.16 units

15.06% return on investment

Underdog Play of the Day

4-14-3 [22.22%]

+12 units

57.14% return on investment

I've noted this before, but for newcomers - 5% return on investment is considered good in the professional sports betting world. The fact that we're tripling that number on the Pick of the Day is spectacular.

If you're not a site member but follow along with the Pick of the Day, the rest of our PuckLuck Picks are generating similar returns. You can try them free for seven days by subscribing here.

The Underdog Plays are much more volatile, as a entry must include two or more selections. Since the choices are designed to be 50-50, a two-selection entry in theory should cash 25% of the time. The catch is, the pay is not 4-times your money, it's 3-times the amount, so in order to be successful we have to beat a 33.33% clip.

Luckily, we've been taking some bigger shots and 6x, 10x, and 20x entries and have hit, so this pads our return despite the 22% hit rate. We'll continue on this path, as we were very successful last season and there's nothing like a nice big payout.

I also just got word that Underdog has raised their first time deposit match to $500 for a limited time, so sign up now using the code PUCKLUCK and take advantage of this deal if you're not already on Underdog Fantasy.

With two games in the NHL today, let's get into today's edges:

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