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PuckLuck Primer 12/19/22

If you were able to put your fantasy football playoffs on the backburner for a few minutes and tuned into the site over the weekend, you were able to cap off a super successful week!

It's truly incredible how consistent we've been this season, putting up numbers that are unfathomable in the sports betting world to NFL and NBA touts. We're proving there's a ton of value to be had in the NHL market, even as the sportsbooks and general public are starting to figure out how good these teams are.

Even within the DFS streets, I can personally attest that using our daily fantasy tools have been very effective. Of course, daily fantasy leaves more room for judgement and skill but using our rankings as a guideline has been very kind to my wallet personally.

It's a busy Monday in the NHL today, so we'll be able to put all of this to the test.

Let's look at today's edges:

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