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PuckLuck Primer 12/28/22

It's been a long, cold layoff but the PuckLuck Primer returns to heat us up again!

I have to say, I did not project a Christmas blizzard when the season started. It truly was the worst storm I've personally ever experienced. Luckily, I was able to find a way to update the site on the 23rd despite losing power, and was able to stay warm throughout Christmas Day despite losing power for a second time. I still have 5 feet high of snow in my own driveway to deal with after shoveling out of my parents' all weekend, but we'll call that character building.

Another personal note: tomorrow I start my second job to support myself financially while I still get PuckLuck off the ground. This may mean more sporadic updating, but I have worked out a deal with my employer to prioritize the site so there shouldn't be any major interruptions. I set a personal timeline of three months to see what I can do on my own with this, but I need more resources to grow PuckLuck to a spot of self-sustainability. Thank you for your understanding.

The best thing you can do to help us get there is to spread the word on all of the success we're having to your friends and family. I'm still offering referral deals to all subscribers for FREE access, and you can email me at for your code if you're interested.

We have five games tonight in the NHL, so let's take a look at today's edges:

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