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Welcome to the PuckLuck Community!

Welcome to the PuckLuck Community!

Months ago this was all a dream. I was sitting on my couch, reviewing my algorithms, and enjoying March hockey.

Then the pandemic struck.

As the season shut down, and I was immediately put on furlough from my accounting position, I had time to rethink and reconsider my options in life.

After a couple weeks of uncertainty, it became more and more clear what I wanted to do.

You see, I had this idea about a year ago of a website for people to turn to for NHL betting advice. I had previously searched high and low for one, and it didn’t exist. There were sites for all sports, but the NHL was always buried and overlooked.

Hockey has its place in North America. The NHL is expanding, as are the amount of states that are legalizing sports betting. However, in comparison to professional sport leagues, wagering on the NHL is difficult to execute.

That’s where PuckLuck comes in. I wanted to not only start a site to go to for data and suggestions, but to start a community for us hockey nuts.

Whether you want to bounce an idea off others for the day’s games, discuss outcomes, single out certain players and coaches, or sulk together in the ever-impending “bad beat” of the night, it’s always good to know you’re not the only one out here.

So, much like society today, we’re in this together. If you haven’t already, sign up and join us so we all can experience a little PuckLuck!

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