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What A Start To The Season!

I guess I'd like to start off this post by saying thank you! Thank you to everyone that has hopped on board so far and checks out daily. What started as a fun startup idea has quickly becoming one of the most valuable sports betting resources on the internet.

Seven months ago, I was prepping the site for a "beta launch" during the NHL postseason bubble and we found immediate success in our results. Now, three weeks into our first NHL season, we're remarkably hitting at a 61.15% win rate on the moneyline, puckline, and game totals for every NHL game in 2021 based off our data. Our PuckLuck Picks are hitting at 64.71%.

I've harped on the results on both my personal and PuckLuck's social media accounts, which speak for themselves. I'd challenge anyone to compete with the accuracy and consistency we've found in the NHL betting market. I'll continue to be transparent with the results, as this is an up-and-down process, and I want you to feel as comfortable as possible with our projections.

This is where you come in. It's admittedly cool we have this exclusive club type feel, and I want you to feel comfortable enough to discuss topics and ask questions without hesitation. Please take advantage of our forum, which is set up for community members to post and discuss these type of things. That way, I, or any other community member, can interact with your post. If you're not a community member yet, signup is free! This will be a great way to settle into your picks for the day.

Also, in order to continue the site long-term, we're going to need to grow! You play a big part in this, as all of your mentions, retweets, and references are crucial to getting word out about PuckLuck. Full disclosure: right now I do not make any money off of the site alone. (Using our picks at the sportsbook is a different story.) If I am able to monetize the site, and with enough growth, I should be able to do this full-time. My goal is to do this while keeping the majority of the site free to everyone, so in order to do so we'll need lots of traffic. This will appeal to sponsors and limit the need for subscriptions.

If I can work on the site full-time it will be a benefit to you all, as I'll have the site updated quicker, be able to expand our features, and have consistent content throughout the week. Our goal is to not only be the number one resource for NHL sports betting, but also be a household name for the average hockey fan. I know we can get there, and your help spreading the word early-on will be key.

So, we'll keep feeding you the data and keep you cashing in while we ride this ship to the moon. We already have such a great community and can't thank you enough for your support so far. As we grow we all benefit, and we all have a hand in building this thing from the ground up.

It doesn't get any cooler than that.

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