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PuckLuck Primer 11/9/23: The Pick Of The Day Is Hot!

The fire alarm in my apartment building went off early this morning, so naturally I assume it's related to the PuckLuck Pick of the Day hitting for three straight, and eight of the last ten!

When it comes to betting with PuckLuck, the Pick of the Day has been our staple since day one, constantly catching fire and a consistent moneymaker for the wallet. Right now, we're hitting at a near 67% clip on the season and returning over 23% on investment.

For those new to the sports betting world, professionals expect a return of around 5% on investment. This means we're returning nearly five times that professional rate, now 30 days into the season.

As we start to progress deeper into the season, you'll see the betting edge landscape on the NHL starting to change. The beginning of the season is about beating the betting public to establishing which teams are actually good and exploiting those matchups.

As the public and sportsbooks get a better grasp on this, the edge will come from our top-notch player evaluation and how lineup decisions and starting goalies will affect the day's projected outcome. Our simulations and probabilities will be heavily leaned on during this process, and through that we'll find overcorrections and misevaluations in the market.

For now, we'll still ride the killer wave we're on, while also adding more tools to the site for you to find betting edge in other ways.

The new shot profiles, discussed in Monday's Primer, are up and rocking in full force! I've received a bunch of success stories from people using the tool already, as there's plenty there to walk you through making the proper decisions based on shot probabilities.

Simply start typing in a player projected to play tonight's name, select from the dropdown as it appears, and the profile will appear. This tool will remain free for all at least throughout the weekend, and will be available exclusively for V.I.P. and Lucky Pucker subscribers after that.

As requested by a few, I'll also be bringing back the correlation tool - this time with much more intuitiveness and advanced analysis. I'm in the process of refining the details and display of that tool, which should be up next week.

As much more is in development, we'll leave the rest of the exciting projects and news to come for another time. After all, we have today's edges for the 11-game slate to get to:

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