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Revisiting Guide To Drafting 1-4 vs 5-12 + What We’re Learning Early in NHL Best Puck 3

Whether you are on draft one hundred in Best Puck or this is your first try of the NHL product after the merciful end of NFL Drafting season, thank you! We have filled an entire 2022-2023 NHL Best Puck Classic worth of entries before the first Sunday of the NFL season!

I will skip any fundamentals of the NHL Best Puck contest as this was covered in Intro to Best Puck Fantasy Hockey and get right into the strategy. I do want to note however that I will be discussing “Draft Capital” frequently in this article. I highly encourage reading Mike Leone's Best Ball Manifesto to better understand the principle of “Draft Capital”. Very basically this chart below:

Learning From Last Years Advancement ‘Unicorns’

We yet again saw a massive edge to drafting 1-4 overall in Best Puck Classic 2. This was in large part due to the success of Connor McDavid who went absolutely wild in 2022-2023 and advanced at 53.4%. Of course, with 3/12 advancing last season this is only “absolutely ridiculous” rather than “against the laws of physics”. Needless to say, when you miss on McDavid/Leon/Matthews/MacKinnon it’s an uphill battle.

Last year, David Pastrnak was the guy you needed. Advancing at a world class 47.2% which dwarfs most in his range. Let’s take a look a the top 20 ADP from last year to center us for this conversation:

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